Photos from the life of the Kovilје monastery
Erika Larsen  “Stories about Monasticism”

Erika Larsen “Stories about Monasticism”

Erica Larsen is the photographer of National Geographic

Restoration of the monastery

Restoration of the monastery

Monastery Kovilje dates back to the 12.century. One significant restoration of the monastery happened in the 17.century, when the old cave-church dedicated to the Archangels was rebuilt and another one dedicated to St. Nicolas was built. Nowdays, only the churches still stand but there are no traces of the monastic dwelings.

Project: The Land of The Living

Project: The Land of The Living

Манастир сарађује на пројекту манастира Ковиља из Бачке који се зове Земља Живих. Пројекат је осмишљен да помогне при одвикавању од болести зависности (наркотици, алкохол, коцка).

Serbian Orthodox Monastery Kovilje
Diocese of Žiča monastery, Serbia
32250 Ivanjica, Serbia
(Visit to the monastery is possible from 8 – 18 hours.)
tel: +381 32 760 020