Project: The Land of The Living

“The Land of the Living” is a nonprofit organization, which deals with psycho – social rehabilitation and re-socialization of young drug addicts. The entire project is based and coordinated with actions taken by Republic of Serbia in prevention, rehabilitation and social reintegration.

The project is implemented in three stages:

  • Presentation of the “The Land of the living” to the young people with drug problems and preparations for joining the program;
  • Entry and free stay of young people with addiction problems in the camps and heir education;
  • Taking responsibility for the new program participants;

Preparations for joining the commune “The Land of the Living”, for the implementation of education, are made through intensive interviews with addicts and heir parents. Interviews are conducted once a week, and it continues for 8 weeks.

Attending these, specific preparation, future participants make the first steps toward he camp, because they are required to make the following changes during the preparatory stage:

  • Cessation of drug use from the first meeting;
  • End of contact with the old society – drug addicts, drug dealers;
  • Preparation of the family, the parents to cooperate in the program;
  • Detailed health examinations (Dental, Dermatovenerology, tests for HIV and HCV, he opinion of a psychiatrist)
  • Community service.

All jobs in the community are carried out by the recipients,depending on their maturity and the time spent. Stay in the community involves psychosocial and spiritual rehabilitation. Recipients are engaged in the commune on jobs which allow them to build healthy personality. Each new award is gradually given more responsible tasks.

Exposed to such a structured and heterogeneous programs addicts are taught to be responsible and conscientious, they can point to errors and omissions noticed. In this way we achieve the desired goal: one day to be responsible for their families and the society as a whole. One of the most important things is to progress in the development of personal relationships. In order to solve disagreements and to live in harmony and peace with the surrounding, community members are encouraged to conduct mutual educational talks in their free time, to teach themselves creativity, honesty and openness.

Education within the nonprofit organization “The Land of the Living“ involves a comprehensive approach, because first of all, along with psychologists, psychiatrist, social workers, and other experts, it takes care of restoration of the whole identity, which makes the essence of the problem of addicts. Recipients who participate in the project free of charge, after 2 – 3 years spent in the camp, depending on the length of drug abuse, become able to perform peer education within groups and among individuals with intention to prevent drug addiction and to raise the level of social and community responsibility when it comes to a problem of a drug addiction which has long time ago got epidemic proportion.

Successful cooperation was organized with Gerontological center from Novi Sad, also with the Republic Center for contemporary education CES, and cooperation with municipal, provincial and Republic institutions. The cooperation with media
organizations was also achieved, with RTS, RTV, TV Prva, B-92 and with other local televisions in Serbia.


Serbian Orthodox Monastery Kovilje
Diocese of Žiča monastery, Serbia
32250 Ivanjica, Serbia
(Visit to the monastery is possible from 8 – 18 hours.)
tel: +381 32 760 020