Restoration of the monastery

Monastery Kovilje dates back to the 12.century. One significant restoration of the monastery happened in the 17.century, when the old cave-church dedicated to the Archangels was rebuilt and another one dedicated to St. Nicolas was built. Nowdays, only the churches still stand but there are no traces of the monastic dwelings. In the 21.century this generation has the same task as the one four centuries ago. Restore the churches and built the houses for nuns. The monastery is beeing rebuilt in the same way it grows in the spiritual sense. Again monks and nuns are having their gatherings here, as well as all the people who are eager to fell the spirit of our sacred ancestors. Contemporary age is making its own seal, each one of us in his own way and the old cave -monastery is risen again in the desert. This will always be so, and after some centuries again someone will write about us who dedicated our lives to restore this sacred place.

Serbian Orthodox Monastery Kovilje
Diocese of Žiča monastery, Serbia
32250 Ivanjica, Serbia
(Visit to the monastery is possible from 8 – 18 hours.)
tel: +381 32 760 020