Charitable contributions / Renovation of the monastery

Monastery Kovilje is about 30km away from the town of Ivanjica in the mountain Golija. The position of the monastery is very grateful for the development of the monastic communion because of its remoteness from the town, but it is also close enough for tourists and pilgrims who wish to make a short visit. The sisterhood is making a living by embroidering, painting icons and making balms. However, there are difficulties in finishing the reconstruction of the churches and building the monastic dwelings. Our plans have already been realized in some way and that is something you can follow on the page Reconstruction of the Monastery, but we need some help to finish our work. Any donations are most welcome through our bank accounts and if you wish you can also send the names of your living and deceased loved ones so we could pray for them.

May the blessing of our good Lord and His Holy Mother be with you.




Instructions for Payment

Serbian Orthodox Monastery Kovilje
Diocese of Žiča monastery, Serbia
32250 Ivanjica, Serbia
(Visit to the monastery is possible from 8 – 18 hours.)
tel: +381 32 760 020