• Significance of the Monastery
    The Cave church, dedicated to the Holy Archangels, was used as an oratory in the monastery of the homits who lived in the nearby cells on the rocky cliff, as evidenced by the preserved traces.
  • Life of the Monastery
  • Publishing
    (Srpski) Издавачка делатност ПУТ настала је прво у електронском облику јер свакако се већина читалаца данас управо и налази на интернету.
  • Iconography
    Icons have been painted by the sisterhood since 1997. They can vary in forms and dimensions and have been sold and exhibited in churches or privately in homes.
  • Making Balms
    Making balms out of the herbs and oils is an old craft in our monastery which the sisters pass on to one another with great love.
  • Workshop for hand embroidery
    The embroidery in the monastery is done strictly by hand, with a needle and a thread. It is a very contemplative, long-lasting and creative work.
  • Sewing workshop
    Info and ordering available on manastirkovilje@gmail.com or by the phone: +381 65 504 68 80 and +381 32 760 020
  • Charitable contributions / Renovation of the monastery
    Our plans have already been realized in some way and that is something you can follow on the page Reconstruction of the Monastery, but we need some help to finish our work.